Sin City Home/Offices

How we started


Hip-Hop was born in the south Bronx, A place where strong young men and women dream, and do whatever they can to chase that dream, A place where the shackles of inner city living are broken off and cast aside, A place where self-expression leads to success and success comes in the form of money, Freedom, and Sway.  Sin City Cabaret gave these hustlers an outlet to celebrate their success and actually live the dream and revel in the glory of having won the game.  

As the kings and Queens walked through the doors of Sin City Cabaret we absorbed their energy and material expression as we learnt their linguistic style of urban fashion. As a result Sin City Designs was born.  With a platform of success behind us, we decided to enter the world of Urban Fashion Design where we can further help and inspire the hustlers of the world with unique designs that can help them express their victories.  

Why Sin City Designs?


To be honest we have had Millions of people from all aspects of the world enter our doors, and as a business we learnt how to successfully evaluate our guest.  One of the ways we knew our key clientele was by the way they carried themselves which also included the style of clothing to express their urban victories.  With all the acquired knowledge from our customers and the streets, Sin City Design is ready to enter the world of fashion not to make major noise but to challenge the best and win at their own game.